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March 13, 2018

There was a lot I wanted to write about in this blog when I started, but then decided that actually who really cares?


I was going to talk about how amazing New Orleans is. Just go there and find out for yourself.


I was going to say about the time I met John Peel and went to his house after having a blind date with his Sister-in-law. I saw his record collection and actually sat in his front room with his wife and watched TV.


I was also going to mention the time I interviewed Brian Eno for a never written article when I had aspirational delusions,(or is it delusional aspirations} of becoming a music journalist. I still have that recording, a recording incidentally, that Brian Eno helped produce as he placed the microphone on a cushion and adjusted it perfectly, so technically I have an unpublished recording ‘Produced and Engineered’ by Brian Eno.


I was going to write about my visit to a recording studio in Zimbabwe.


I was going to write about all the festivals I’ve been to, my opinions on festivals, my opinions on this, and my opinions on that, and to be honest, I was beginning to bore myself so I am sure you were too.


So this blogging project has been quite interesting but I’m knocking it on the head now.


My admiration goes out to all those bloggers who week by week churn out reams and reams of the stuff.


I’m a very lazy person and the fact that I am ‘retiring’ from blogging after a long and distinguished blogging career that lasted less than 6 months proves that.

I don’t feel I am letting anyone down, because I actually have no proof that anyone read any of it.

If you did though, then thank you.

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